Vivacious and colorful are two of the many words that could be used to describe Grey Sky Symphony (GSS). GSS is the solo project of singer-songwriter Dillon Hutyra. With his very first album, Cloud Factory, Hutyra has proven his ability to rival many well-known indie pop bands. To put it simply, the album flows well. Every song on the album transitions to the next, as well as many top produced records. With his simple yet charming album cover, Hutyra has created a playful record in which the album title is far from misleading. With tracks like “Cotton Candy Clouds”, “You’re My Favorite Color”, and “ The Loser”, Hutyra provides upbeat lyrics for his more pop attentive listeners. However, if your tastes lean more towards indie rock- tracks such as, “The Storm” and “Alone” deliver percussions and guitar riffs that do no disappoint. Grey Sky Symphony is definitely one artist that you shouldn’t let fall off your radar.

You can purchase a copy of Cloud Factory here , Connect with GSS on his blog here, and learn more about the music on the website here